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Targeted Temperature Management is Important for Many Different Patients

In order to maintain proper temperature management, it is important to ensure that all the right parts are in place.  It may sound simple, but inaccurate temperature management can result from a number of potential causes, including water leakage and decreased delivered therapy, which could affect patient outcomes.

One form of targeted temperature management that has become the mainstay in many hospital settings is the use of a therapeutic hypothermia system, which itself is composed of many parts.  There is a control center that serves as the brains of the operation with connecting hoses and blankets where the heat exchange actually takes place and a patient temperature feedback system to indicate the effectiveness of the therapy being provided.  It is the integrity of this system and its parts that is most important to the doctors and nurses using it, the purchasing department buying it and above all the patient benefiting from it.

The Whole is Only as Good as the Sum of its Parts

Using cooling blankets that are not designed for the temperature control system being used can adversely affect the operation of the system as a whole.  Here is why it is so important to use the hoses and disposable or reusable blankets designed to fit your therapeutic hypothermia system.

  1. Maintain System Integrity

While it may be tempting to opt for bargain alternatives for disposables used in targeted temperature management, the impact on patients could be significant.  Maintaining system integrity with disposables designed specifically for your temperature management controller ensures proper flow and precise temperature management.  Each temperature management controller is designed with certain specifications; likewise, the attachments used with these units are designed to match these specifications to assure proper flow rates, driving pressures and flow patterns.  This system integrity is needed to assure that the patient’s temperature change is contained within preset parameters.

Is a low-priced alternative worth the potential loss of temperature control?

  1. Avoid Costly Equipment Failure

An inexpensive, unapproved disposable may offer a kit claiming to retrofit it to any system. However, it may require more frequent replacement, negating the value of a low price and may increase wear-and-tear to the more expensive equipment, resulting in a much higher cost to your facility over the long run.  The best way to avoid costly equipment failure is to use the proper disposable attachments for the temperature management systems being used for patients in your facility.

  1. Help Support Corporate Compliance

With increased emphasis on infection control and meeting federal guidelines, all healthcare facilities must be compliant with their device’s intended use and cleaning procedures. Understanding your facility’s patient cooling system, how it should be operated and maintained, is an important part of providing accurate temperature management therapy to your patients.

As a best practice for optimal performance, your hospital or facility should ensure targeted temperature management system integrity. 


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